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Shop Face Shields

Shop our collection of high quality face shields featuring medical grade materials suitable for a variety of needs and use environments. Boyd's face shields are one size fits most and adjustable to comfortably fit both adults and kids! All in-stock products ship quickly to be sure you get the protective equipment you need fast.

Whether you're looking to buy in bulk to protect the employees at your small business or purchase a smaller quantity pack to protect your children as they return to school, we have something for everyone. Our face shields are designed to make wearing PPE less intimidating and less intrusive on your daily life.
Shop our Original Clear Face Shield for the most minimally visible face shield available on the market. If you want your PPE to protect and not be seen, this is the best option for you.
For our customers that want their PPE to standout and show a little personality, shop our variety of Fashion Print Designs for a fun twist on our original face shield.
Kid-friendly prints make wearing face shields easier for kids and more fun.
Shop our Clinical Face Shield for more traditional medical and dental uses.
Bulk cases of 300 ship direct from our Center of Excellence near Nashville, TN. 5, 10 and 25 packs are available with Amazon Prime shipping.